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Car Electronic components Repair

Restore electric equipments for your supercar

Do you have memories of the car, important car, or favorite car ?

Evolution of automotive does not know staying, the latest technology has been incorporated in abundance.
It will be realized not only driving support and automatic internet connection system, but also full automatic driving operation. While at the same time, electronic parts are only unit exchange, it can not be repaired.

If your historic automobile, or important car, was refused the repair from garage, not possible to repair by parts shortage, or not able to repair by yourself at fully electronic control, please contact us. we will restore, rebuild, and modify the electronics items.

We are always innovating the latest technology, and will repair any electronic components such as ABS control circuit, engine ECU, and air conditioning control circuit, by extensive analysis technology.

Next higher level from the repair…

Higher rebuilding and modifying technology, it is not limited to call “repair”.

We subject to your wishes, perform the restoration and rebuilding of the circuit not only to the repair of electronic circuit components such as the failed engine ECU.

Resistors, capacitors, and such as passive elements that make up the circuit, can not avoid the degradation due to aging, because these have been manufactured in basic chemical reactions.
We conduct not only to change the degraded parts to new parts, but also change circuit to fix fundamental problems by reviewing the circuit and the time constant, called “rebuild”.

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