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Please read (About our feature and repair procedure)

We will inform you about our characteristics and repair procedure.
Although it is a bit long, it is important, so please read to the end.

Our company conducts electronic circuit repair specialized in super car, and it is completely different from traders who repair electronic circuits such as general Benz, BMW, Audi etc according to “repair manual”.
Of course, there is a garage in the full indoor with air conditioning that can receive vehicles, but only six can be put in stock.
Since there are some vehicles that keep you at restore for a long time, there are virtually only three units that can be accepted.

Repair of rare sports cars, super-car ECUs, meters and other electronic circuits rarely have the same breakdown of the same model and there is no repeat.
If you consider Mechanics to be orthopedic, we think that Our electronic circuit design / repair is similar to brain surgery operation or cardiac surgery specialist, we understand that it is quite different from general repair traders I think that you can do.

Therefore, as a human hospital, as a procedure,

  1. reception

  2. Enter your name, date of birth, past medical condition, current symptoms, etc.

  3. medical inquiry

  4. Initial examination of blood test, urinalysis, image examination, etc.

  5. Further precise examination such as CT, MRI, cytology diagnosis

  6. Doctor diagnosis

  7. hospitalization

  8. surgery

  9. follow-up

  10. discharge

  11. medication · visit

The procedure is the same as.

When rewriting to the actual repair procedure,

  1. reception

  2. Fill in the model name, year, body number, present symptoms etc.

  3. Inquiry by communication with customers

  4. Obtaining documentation if there is no document

  5. Keeping the unit alone or the whole vehicle

  6. Standalone operation test on the desktop (if necessary)

  7. Initial inspection such as visual inspection, magnification inspection by microscope, image inspection, etc.

  8. Precise inspection by semiconductor measuring machines such as testers, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc.

  9. Diagnosing fault conditions

  10. Keeping the unit alone or the whole vehicle

  11. Reverse engineering schematics creation (possibly)

  12. Repair and exchange of ICs and electronic components

  13. confirming the operation

  14. Present work report and price list

  15. Publish your quote and invoice

  16. delivery

Procedure 1 at the time of inquiry. It will be accepted.

Next, as Step 2, please inform us of the year of the vehicle and the car body number (aka: VIN number) of 17 columns as well as interview.
In addition, It is very easy to understand when you take pictures and movies when symptoms appear.

The first thing I would like to tell you is that in the event of a malfunction in the electronic circuit of a black box such as ECU, meter, CCU,

“I will get better and worse”

To say that, neither theoretically nor physics can be.
Electronic parts and semiconductor IC itself will never recover once it gets worse.
Therefore, when it gets better or worse repeatedly, there are many cases where the cause is outside than the connector of the black box in many cases, and in the case of the inside of the black box, in most cases it is a physical factor such as a crack of the soldered joint is.

“Failed, I will not return to the past anymore”
“It worked normally when exchanging with another unit of the same type”

In the case like this, we suspect the breakdown of electronic parts and ICs mounted in the electronic circuit inside the black box and perform initial inspection.
If a failure is found by the initial inspection, we will go into a precision inspection.

Inspection expenses will be from the initial examination fee of 25,000 yen.
Depending on the symptoms and the contents of the examination, the examination expenses for the precise examination will increase.
All inspections use measurement equipment for electronic circuit design.

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